Outdoor Action live-
In summer and winter.

Horse riding

Riding a well-trained horse through untouched nature.
Whether as a guided tour in a group or as a short ride out at the Dean River, our well-trained horses are trained routinely and are free ranging on the property. Pre-discovered trails offer an unforgettable riding and nature experience from a very special perspective.
You are able to book our well-trained and quiet horses by the hour or by day. We will help you to choose the right horse for you. Some riding experience is helpful but not mandatory. Expected to be available from summer 2018.

Hiking means experiencing nature from close by.
Whether as a couple or in a group – the natural landscape of British Columbia shows a fascinating sight in every season. Lots of green and upcoming flowers in early summer, the golden-red forest in Indian summer or the glittering powder snow during Canadian winter – imagine all of this combined with pure silence and solitariness, which is very rare in central Europe.



Off-road on a quad.
When did you last venture a breathtaking ride off the beaten tracks? You can fully enjoy the freedom on a quad ride at the Dean River. We pass flowering meadows, drive through shallow water of the Anahim Lake or go through the hills to enjoy the beautiful views. You can enjoy the four-wheel quad experience as a guided tour in a group.

Mountain biking in the vastness of British Columbia.
There are endless trails to enjoy a great bike ride. You will always bike on natural ground, whether this is fine gravel, green meadows or rocky passages instead of some regular forest roads. Everyone will find the right track according to their personal standards and skills. Our high-quality and robust mountain bikes can be rented by the hour or day.



Paradise for fishermen.
The Dean River, which flows through Anahim Lake just down along the Red Cariboo Resort on its way to the Pacific, is an ideal destination for serious sport fishermen. The cold waters are home to magnificent rainbow trout, brown trout and white fish. The shallow parts at the mouth of the Anahim Lake are very good for fly fishing. The required fishing license can be purchased online. We are happy to let you rent the right equipment in case you do not want to bring your own.

Canoeing on the Anahim Lake.

For those who like to move gently and quietly on the water, like the natives of British Columbia, while enjoying the silence, should take a canoe trip on the Anahim Lake. A canoe trip during summer on the Dean River is possible too because of the low water level and extreme low flow. The Anahim Lake offers an unforgettable canoeing experience thanks to its huge water surface and natural shorelines. Our high-quality canoes (two persons per canoe) will be rented out by the day. We arrange transport to and from the lake shore.

In addition, we offer maneuverable aluminum boats with engines for fishing or cruising on the Anahim Lake.


Skidoo (snowmobile)

Fun in winter with a snowmobile.
The area around the Red Cariboo Resort offers a great typical Canadian winter experience while joining one of our guided snowmobile tours. Riding through fresh powder with this powerful machine, going up and down the hills or ride on the frozen Anahim Lake, all of this is pure driving pleasure. It is possible to either rent our well-maintained skidoos (snowmobile) by the hour or per day. Our tour guides will guide you through the most beautiful sceneries.

Riding in the clear air of Canadian winter.
It is a lot of fun to ride the horses during wintertime through the fascinating scenery at the Dean river. Our horses love to go for a ride in the deep snow while the sun is out. For the two-legged of us: choose the right clothing so you will have an unforgettable experience. Our horses are very quiet and well-trained while going on a trail ride in a group. We will help you to choose the right horse for you. Some riding experience is helpful but not mandatory.

Horse riding in winter

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing on the Dean river.
Where cross country ski runs are used in Europe, are rivers used in Canada. The river is completely frozen and covered with a layer of fresh snow, which are the ideal conditions for a great cross country experience. You are able to breath in fresh air and use all your muscles in a special way. You have to bring your own gear as cross country skiing gear is very personal, but we are more than happy to show you what the most beautiful places are to go cross country skiing.

Snowshoeing is easier than thought.
The Indian already knew how they had to conquer big distances without sinking into the deep snow about decades ago. At the moment snowshoeing is becoming more popular. Snowshoes are dividing the person’s bodyweight over a bigger area. That way feet won’t sink into the snow. The area around the Red Cariboo Resort is an ideal place to go snowshoeing. Suitable snowshoes can be rented on a daily basis. After some short instructions, you are ready for a complete new winter experience.