Important information and notes on our activities 

You can download more information about our activities, lots of tips for interesting hiking tours and other great excursions here: Information Booklet.

Weather and climate in Anahim Lake.
Anahim Lake has a continental climate, i.e. it is generally warm in summer and cold in winter with permafrost. The weather on the Chilcotin high plateau can fluctuate extremely and you should always take into account that Anahim Lake is already at 1115 m. In summer the temperatures usually do not rise above 30 degrees C. However, the nights are quite cool and sometimes a little frost is possible. The travel time from June to September is therefore ideal for practicing our summer activities. But since the climate is changing a lot here too, many activities are definitely possible earlier in the year up to October. In principle, it can snow all year round, but the snow remains from October / November and has melted again by May at the latest. In the main winter months December to March we usually have a lot of snow and it gets cold at night to -20 degrees C, sometimes even to -50 degrees C. Nevertheless, the temperatures during the day are mostly around -10 degrees C, so our winter sports activities can be exercised well.

Rental and safety equipment
For our activities, we lend the appropriate equipment and some safety accessories on request, such as bicycle helmets, fishing equipment, snowshoes, etc.
But we only have a limited contingent and limited sizes available. Our guests are welcome to bring their own, familiar equipment.
Please note that there are no shops for sports equipment or excursion equipment in Anahim Lake. So make sure you bring everything you need with you.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

In order to participate in our activities, it is mandatory to fill out and sign a waiver declaration. You can download this form here in advance to preview and / or print out / fill it out in advance.

Waiver download adults
Waiver download children

Please note that it is not possible to participate in our activities without a signed waiver. Parents sign for their underage children.

Price list
You can spontaneously book our activities at the reception at any time, subject to current availability and given weather conditions. For better planning and to ensure that we can offer you the excursions you want, it is advisable to make an early reservation before your arrival. In this way we can better plan the necessary capacities in the resort and organize your desired activities sooner.

So that you can plan your vacation with us in detail, you will find the price information for our offers at this point: Price list for activities. Please also note that we offer discounts when booking several activities by one person.

Pack your suitcase for the Red Cariboo Resort

How you pack your suitcase depends entirely on when you visit us, because the seasons here are very different from each other. In the warm, humid summer we recommend airy and breathable clothing, such as comfortable trousers and a windproof jacket. Since it can get chilly in the evening, a cozy, warm sweater to pull on should not be missing. For hiking, pack a good pair of hiking shoes. Although the numerous lakes and rivers invite you to cool off at first glance, one must not forget that they are very cold. Active swimmers are advised to wear a wetsuit rather than swimwear.

In the changeable spring and autumn you should pack several light layers of clothing for the famous onion look, which you can put on or take off depending on the weather conditions. We also recommend a windbreaker and another transition jacket as well as a light hat because of the cool nights in Canada at these times of the year.

You can brave the cold Canadian winter with the right clothing. Pack your warmest jacket, waterproof, lined shoes and other winter clothing such as gloves, hats, thermal underwear and woolen socks. If you want to be active in sports, warm functional underwear and the right snow combinations are recommended.

Since it can suddenly rain or snow here in Canada, please always pack proper rain protection, such as a good rain jacket and an umbrella, so that you stay dry.

Where it is damp and where there is water, there are also mosquitoes and insects, so that a good means of repelling insects should be packed from May to September. Long-sleeved flannel shirts and shirts as well as long trousers have also proven to be the best mosquito repellants.