Riding in the clear air of Canadian winter.
It is a lot of fun to ride horses during wintertime through the fascinating scenery at the Dean river. Our horses love to go for a ride in the deep snow while the sun is out. For the two-legged of us: choose the right clothing so you will have an unforgettable experience. Our horses are very quiet and well-trained while going on a trail ride in a group. We will help you to choose the right horse for you. Some riding experience is helpful but not mandatory.

Cross-country skiing on the Dean river.
Where cross-country ski runs are used in Europe, are rivers used in Canada. The river is completely frozen and covered with a layer of fresh snow, which are the ideal conditions for a great cross-country experience. You are able to breathe in the fresh air and use all your muscles in a special way. You have to bring your own gear as cross-country skiing gear is very personal, but we are more than happy to show you what the most beautiful places are to go cross-country skiing.

Snowshoeing is easier than thought.
The First Nations already knew how to conquer considerable distances without sinking into the deep snow decades ago. At the moment, snowshoeing is becoming more popular. Snowshoes are dividing the person’s body weight over a more extensive area. That way, feet won’t sink into the snow. The area around the Red Cariboo Resort is ideal for snowshoeing. Suitable snowshoes can be rented daily. After some short instructions, you are ready for a completely new winter experience. 

Icefishing in wintertime
As soon as winter arrives and a thick layer of ice has formed on the lakes and rivers, ice fishing becomes possible. With appropriate equipment such as ice drills, ice rods, special ice fishing rods, and a hot drink, you can spend a fantastic day on the ice. Warm and windproof clothing and well-insulated shoes, ideally with felt inserts, are particularly important for your well-being. Ice fishing is most fun and safer in a small group (risk of burglary). You can purchase the necessary British Columbia freshwater fishing license from us at the resort via the Internet. You can rent all the equipment for ice fishing from us on a daily or weekly basis.

BBQ in wintertime
What could be nicer in winter than standing by the fire with good friends in the crisp cold, wrapped up in warm enough clothes, and enjoying nature all around? In Canada, cozy campfires are the order of the day. We invite our guests to share this Canadian way of life with us!