Riding a well-trained horse through untouched nature.
Whether as a guided day tour in a group or as a short ride on the Dean River, our horses move routinely and are sure-footed in the open terrain. Over the years we have explored the most impressive and beautiful trails in the Canadian wilderness for you and can offer you an unforgettable riding and nature experience on horseback. You can book guided rides on our well-trained, calm horses by the hour or the whole day. We will be happy to help you choose the right horse for you. Previous riding knowledge is helpful but not absolutely necessary. Expected to be available in summer 2023.


Hiking means experiencing nature from close by.
Do you like to be active and love to roam through nature and discover new hiking routes? Whether alone, as a couple, or in a group - you can immerse yourself in the spectacular landscape and marvel at the natural landscape of British Columbia in a different, fascinating light in every season. A sea of fresh green and blossoms in early summer, golden-yellow birch trees in autumn, or the glittering powder snow in Canadian winter - all of this combined with a meditative silence and solitude that is rarely found in Central Europe.

Near by we have a lot of great destinations for hiking, not far away from the Red Cariboo Resort:

  • Hotnarko Falls and the Precipice Canyon (20 minutes)
  • Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park with the Rainbow Mountain Range Trailhead (30 minutes)
  • "Floatplane Capital" for flightviewing in Nimpo Lake (35 minutes)
  • Charlotte Alplands with Charlotte Lake (50 minutes)
  • Kappan Mountain (50 minutes)
  • Bello Coola hikes from Bella Coola (1h 45 minutes)

More information on Chilcotin Hiking Trails can be found here. 


Mountain biking in the vastness of British Columbia.
Here on the Dean River, unlimited driving fun is the order of the day! You will not find registered trails here, but instead of boring forest paths, you will always go over the natural ground. Whether fine gravel, green meadow, or rocky passages, everyone will find the right slope here according to their personal requirements and ability. You can rent our high-quality and robust mountain bikes on a daily basis.


Paradise for fishermen.
The Dean River, which flows through Anahim Lake just down along the Red Cariboo Resort on its way to the Pacific, is an ideal destination for serious sports fishermen. The cold waters are home to magnificent rainbow trout, brown trout, and white fish. The shallow parts at the mouth of the Anahim Lake are very good for fly fishing. The required fishing license can be purchased online. We will be happy to provide you with the hardware (tablet and printer), help you, and refer you to the correct website. You can rent the right equipment at the resort in case you do not want to bring your own.


Canoeing on the Anahim Lake.
Those who like to move gently and quietly on the water, like the natives of British Columbia, while enjoying the silence, should take a canoe trip on the Anahim Lake. A canoe trip during summer on the Dean River is possible too because of the low water level and extremely low flow. The Anahim Lake offers an unforgettable canoeing experience thanks to its huge water surface and natural shorelines. Our high-quality canoes (two persons per canoe) will be rented out by the day.

In addition, we offer maneuverable aluminum boats with engines for fishing or cruising on Anahim Lake.


Observe wild animals in theit natural habitat.
The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast is famous for its abundant wildlife. Even just driving along the highway, you may be able to see grizzly and black bears, mountain goats, wolves, moose, caribou, and cougars foraging for food along the road. For bird watchers, BC is a paradise with more than a million birds migrating on the Pacific flyway path, and thousands of birds stopping or staying year-round. Various species of eagles, seagulls, pelicans, swans, and herons cavort on the numerous lakes and rivers. Every autumn, pacific salmon make their way from the coast to their spawning grounds, a fascinating phenomenon. There is ample opportunity to view wildlife in spring and summer as well, when bears are waking up from hibernation, many animals are giving birth, and lush, green grass emerges from underneath the snow.


Loose yourself watching the endless sky full of stars
Looking up at our dark, starry sky far away from the light pollution of the cities, inspires not only romantics and astronomers. When was the last time you saw the Milky Way with your bare eyes and lost yourself in infinity? It spans us in the midst of natural darkness like a brightly shining roof. On a clear night, there are numerous constellations to admire and more stars visible than you can count. Make yourself comfortable in your open space in front of your accommodation and enjoy the vastness of the cosmos in the middle of the remote wilderness.


Discover hidden places from the air
Get to know the impressive Canadian landscape and explore spectacular natural phenomena from a bird's eye view. Take off at Nimpo Lake and enjoy the vast expanse of British Columbia's wilderness. Depending on the route and duration of the flight, you can fly over Anahim Peak and have a view of almost infinite forests. Let yourself be inspired by the Rainbow Mountains, which shine in their different colors, and marvel at bizarre glaciers. Another highlight is Hunlen Falls, Canada's highest free-falling waterfall. The flight duration is between 45 and 70 minutes, depending on the route. On request and at an additional cost, we are happy to offer you a transfer.


Off-road on a quad.
When was the last time you ventured on a breathtaking off-road tour off the beaten track? Here on the Dean River, you can fully enjoy the freedom of quad biking. It goes past blooming meadows, a piece through the shallow water at the outlet of the Anahim Lake, or over gentle hills with a wonderful view of the landscape. You can enjoy the all-wheel quad experience extensively in guided groups. We would be happy to organize a transfer for you (at an additional cost) to the starting point (approx. 70 km from the resort).