Red Cariboo Resort – a year in review

Axel and his team would like to warmly thank all our guests who have visited our apartments and resort over the past year! It was our pleasure to welcome every one of you.

Last year was a special year in many ways. The entire world and economy were affected by COVID-19 so it was a big step for us and our Red Cariboo Resort as well as for the Red Cariboo Apartments as almost all of the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted progressively. This was an important development to return to pre-pandemic normality. Anyway, due to the remoteness of Anahim Lake and the less infrastructure and population density, we didn´t notice many of the virus restrictions.

During the long, hard winter, which extended into June with lots of snow, rain, and an extremely late thaw period, our construction team continued to work diligently on completing the interior of our cabins. In addition, we have continued to train our horses so that our guests will go on relaxed rides in all seasons in the future and enjoy this incredible adventure the most. We want to create as many unique memories as possible!

Apparently, not only do our horses know that we feed them extremely tasty hay but also a cow moose and her calf who visited us and our horses almost daily while we fed and happily helped themselves to the hay from the horses. In recent years, it has almost been a tradition for the moose to say "HI" to us each winter.
Of course, we also tried out our winter activity equipment and went ice fishing, snowshoe hiking, and cross-country skiing.
Our team also went on a long hike to a remote hut to spend the night, dragging the luggage and equipment on sleds. We developed new directions and maps of our locations, which should make it easier for our guests to find their way around. Cozy hours, wearing thick and snug winter clothing by the open fire, sometimes even on the frozen river, rounded off our winter experiences.

Axel was successful at ice fishing

As long and as cold as the winter was, summer came with a tremendous heat wave. In late July/early August numerous heat records were broken in BC. Unusually high temperatures and a long period of drought continued into the autumn.
We used the summer to continue our civil engineering work on the septic system for our resort and were successful. We were able to connect our large cabins and the community kitchen. In the coming year, only minor civil engineering measures will be necessary. Accordingly, all the paths in the resort looked wild throughout the summer. The heavy machines left deep tracks and unsightly paths. We can't wait until we can finally start with the landscaping of the outdoor area this year!

It is fantastic that we got so much work done in the cabins and continued with the interior design. In mid-September we were able to finish the work on and in the first cabin completely, so we had a visit from a very talented and professional photographer and proudly showed him our cabins and the resort. He has taken very expressive pictures. We are proud to present the wonderful impressions on our homepage! Only a few days later we welcomed our first guests in the cabins.

The warm summer weather was perfect for our team to go on numerous excursions and explore the wild, often untouched nature of the Chilcotin. We were able to go horseback riding, climb Anahim Peak, fish at Kappan Lake, camp and swim at Charlotte Lake, attend numerous rodeos and equestrian events, and much more.

Our cabins in summer

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Herbert, Axel's beloved but elderly hunting dog in August. A few weeks later, Brunhilde moved in with us. The "Wilde Hilde" has been part of our team since then and lives up to her nickname.

The first snow came in October and then permafrost came in early November. In line with the other extreme weather conditions of this year, temperatures fell below -40 °C in mid-December. Our construction team moved its activities back inside. We started the first renovations and maintenance on the apartments, which deserved minor improvements after 4 years of occupancy.

We are so grateful for all the positive and constructive feedback, and praise, for all that we have already created in recent years. Our Red Cariboo Apartments enjoy a growing number of regular guests, while also attracting new visitors to explore the West Chilcotin. We were particularly happy about some of the first international guests who were allowed to travel to Canada back again.

We are pleased about the curiosity and enthusiasm of our visitors for everything that we have recently or will soon be offering. This primarily includes our brand-new cabins in the resort. This year we will complete all six large cabins. We are also planning to open our restaurant in the resort during the summer months.

Our guests can be excited about the offers we will surprise them with this year. We look forward to seeing you this summer in Anahim Lake at the Red Cariboo Apartments or the Red Cariboo Resort!
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Happy 2023!!!