Red CaribooDiscover the beautiful nature at the Dean River.

Endless hikes, crystal clear rivers, and lakes, mountains covered in snow, untouched wilderness with a wide range of plants and animals – British Columbia offers you all of this in almost limitless space and diversity. Once you have spent a holiday over here, you will always have the desire to come back. Our new and close nature build Red Cariboo Resort is an ideal location to start discovering nature at the Dean River and Anahim Lake. It is the perfect accommodation to explore the Chilcotin! In the evening you can start off with a cozy BBQ or finish the day in a super cozy, comfortable furnished wooden cabin.

Red Cariboo Resort, will offer guided hikes and discovery tours in the near future, just as a variety of outdoor activities during summer and winter. But also for people who would just like to relax, the resort in the Chilcotin in British Columbia offers everything you need.